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At Sagamore Fence & Deck, we are dedicated to providing top-notch fence services throughout the Central Texas region and beyond. With many years of experience in the industry, we specialize in offering reliable and durable fencing solutions for residential, commercial, and agricultural fence clients. Led by our founder and owner, Tony Perez, Sagamore Fence & Deck's team of highly skilled professionals is committed to delivering unmatched craftsmanship and exceptional customer service that is powered by our commitment to integrity and hard work.

Tony takes great pride in serving the Central Texas area with high-quality fences and decks. Before founding Sagamore Fence & Deck, Tony managed one of the largest fence companies in the Austin Texas area and is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt mastering management techniques intended to improve business processes by greatly reducing the probability that an error or defect will occur. Using his past experiences in large-scale project management and the Sigma Six program, Tony can provide the best fences with a commitment to customer satisfaction and a hassle-free fence experience at Sagamore Fence & Deck.

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Fence Projects Made Easy in Austin Texas

We understand that navigating the fence-buying process can seem overwhelming and complicated. At Sagamore Fence & Deck, we have designed a simple fence-buying process to make things smooth and stress-free for our clients.

Our team provides a wide selection of fence types and styles and serves our surrounding communities with the highest level of customer service. Let our Central Texas fence experts help you get started on your fence project today!



With over 40 combined years of experience, Sagamore Fence & Deck has thousands of successful fence installations and satisfied customers.



We are a trusted provider of fence and deck solutions in Austin Texas, ensuring the safety, security, and privacy of our client's properties.



All of our fence and deck installations in Austin Texas are backed by our workmanship warranty to ensure the quality of our work after your fence installation.



We are committed to providing high-quality workmanship and superior customer service to our fence and deck customers in Central Texas.

Sagamore Fence & Deck

Professional Fencing Services Serving the Greater Austin Region

Our professional fencing services encompass a wide range of options tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you require agricultural fencing, residential fencing, or commercial fencing in the Austin Texas area, we have the expertise and materials to deliver exceptional results.

Getting a fence estimate is easy! Simply click on our free estimate tool to get a fast quote in minutes! You can choose from all of our fence designs and types and get an estimate based on the size of your property and fence layout. If you'd like to speak to one of our sales associates first, reach out to our office anytime.

Yes! We often use our professional expertise to help customers with the best fence design to fit their needs. Our team of pros are happy to help you with any questions you may have and find the best fencing solution available.

We meet all licensing and insurance requirements for each municipality where we install fences in Austin Texas.

Each municipality has different requirements for contractors, so feel free to speak with us directly about the requirements for your town. We will be happy to provide proof of insurance and licensure information.

This is an excellent thing to do when hiring any contractor, not just a fencing contractor. Unfortunately, there are a large number of unlicensed and uninsured contractors doing work across Austin Texas. Many homeowners and business owners don't understand the risk they are taking by hiring such a company.

We install a wide range of fence types in Austin Texas and all across Central Texas, and from those, our most popular installations are our custom fences that allow our customers to work directly with us to design a one-of-a-kind fence for their home or business. Wood fences, composite fences, and chain link fences are followed closely by aluminum fences and ornamental iron fences. The best fence for your needs depends on what your main priorities are! If you're looking for high security, privacy, or a decorative accent, there are many options available to choose from that are high quality and long-lasting.

We utilize a range of materials to construct our high-quality, custom decks. We prioritize durability, aesthetics, and client preferences in our material selection. Some of the materials we commonly use include:

Pressure-treated Pine

Pine is a popular choice for decking due to its affordability and availability. It offers a natural look and can be stained or painted to match various design styles.

Ipe Wood

Known for its exceptional durability and longevity, ipe wood is a premium option for decking. It is resistant to rot, pests, and weathering, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Cedar Wood

Cedar is another excellent choice for decking, known for its natural resistance to decay, insects, and moisture. It offers a beautiful, warm appearance and is relatively low-maintenance.

Trex Composite Boards

Trex composite boards are a modern and eco-friendly decking option. These boards consist of a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic, providing a durable, low-maintenance, and splinter-free surface. Trex decking also offers a wide range of colors and finishes to suit different design preferences.

By offering a variety of materials, we ensure that our clients have options to match their desired aesthetics, budget, and maintenance preferences. Our experienced team can guide customers in selecting the most suitable material for their custom deck project, taking into account factors like climate, usage, and personal style.

Yes, we do! Our team of skilled craftsmen and designers love to create unique and interesting fences that complement your property and reflect your personal style, while also ensuring security, privacy, and functionality. With a wide range of materials, styles, and finishes to choose from, we guarantee that your custom fence will not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also add value and enhance the overall curb appeal. Whether you're looking for an ornamental iron fence, a rustic wooden fence, or a sleek modern design, Sagamore Fence & Deck is here to make your dream fence a reality!

Absolutely! As one of the most trusted fencing contractors in the entire Central Texas area, we stand behind our work.

Warranty on Fence Materials

We use professional grade materials and work with high-quality fence and deck manufacturers. This means you are protected with excellent manufacturer warranties on materials (in most cases). Each fence and deck type and manufacturer is different. Our experts will guide you to the best solution for your situation, making sure you receive the maximum protection and peace of mind for your investment!

Workmanship Warranty on Installations

Our installers are expertly trained for all types of fencing and decking. We are experienced with the specific soil conditions and other factors that impact the strength and resilience of fences installed in the Central Texas area. We stand behind our work and offer a workmanship warranty on all residential and commercial fences we install. Please talk to our fence and deck experts to get the full details of the workmanship warranty for your specific project, and feel confident that working with Sagamore Fence & Deck means you never have to worry about our quality or our support!

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