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We offer a wide range of durable railings that are suitable for a range of commercial and residential applications in Austin Texas.

Our railings are designed with a perfect blend of functionality and style, offering both safety and aesthetics to enhance your home or business. Whether you are looking for railings for a deck or stairway, commercial space, or residential balcony, our team of expert Austin Texas railing contractors can help. With a focus on quality craftsmanship, our railings are built to last, providing long-lasting durability and stability.

We understand the importance of safety, especially when it comes to elevated areas such as decks and staircases. That's why our railings meet the highest industry standards, ensuring the utmost security for you and your loved ones. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes to complement your home's architecture and personal style, creating a stunning and cohesive look. With our railings, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have made a smart investment in both safety and visual appeal.

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Our FavoriteRailing Applications

Deck Railing Austin Texas

ResidentialDeck Railings

Our residential deck railings are designed to transform your outdoor space into a safe and visually stunning area. We understand the importance of having a sturdy and secure railing system that not only complies with safety regulations but also complements your deck design.

ResidentialInterior Railings

Elevate the look of your home with our beautiful residential interior railings. Whether you're looking for a classic staircase railing or a custom-designed railing that matches your unique style, we have the expertise to bring your Austin Texas interior railing vision to life.

Interior Railing Austin Texas

Balcony Railing Austin Texas

ResidentialBalcony Railings

When you work with the Austin Texas balcony railing experts, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your balcony railing not only meets your safety requirements but also enhances the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space.

ResidentialPorch and Stair Railings

When it comes to residential porches and stair railings, we prioritize safety without compromising on style. Our expertly crafted railings not only provide sturdy support but also add a touch of sophistication, making your porch a true focal point of your home's exterior.

Porch and Stair Railing Austin Texas

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We offer railings to suit a variety of styles and budgets. The handrail and railing systems we have available are long-lasting and weather-resistant, making them great options for Texas properties. Ultimately, any of our railings are fantastic options, and the best railing for your property will be dependent upon your style and budget.

Yes, there are building codes and regulations that govern the installation of railings, including height requirements, spacing between balusters, and load-bearing capacity, among others. The pros at Sagamore Fence & Deck will ensure that we comply with local building codes and regulations.

Above all, safety in deck construction is vitally important, and the deck pros at Sagamore Fence & Deck ensure that we meet or exceed all building code regulations for your particular area. All decks over 30 inches above grade require a guardrail system to be installed, with the top railing being a minimum of 36 inches above the deck level. Spindles should be placed with a spacing of 4 inches maximum in between spindles.

The installation of railings can vary in complexity depending on the type of railing and the specific installation requirements. It is recommended to hire a professional for proper installation, especially if you are not experienced in railing installation.

Safety considerations for railings include proper height, spacing between balusters, and ensuring that there are no gaps that can trap children or allow them to slip through. For elderly individuals, railings with a firm grip and smooth surfaces are important.

Yes, railings can be customized to match the aesthetics and design of your home. There are various design options available, including different materials, styles, and finishes to complement your home's aesthetics.

The cost of installing railings can vary widely depending on the material, design, and complexity of the installation. It is recommended to obtain quotes from multiple vendors or contractors for accurate pricing. Speak to the Sagamore Fence & Deck professionals, who can help you get a quote for whichever type of railing you are looking for.

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Central Texas Custom Railing
Central Texas Custom Railing
Central Texas Custom Railing
Central Texas Custom Railing
Central Texas Custom Railing
Central Texas Custom Railing
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